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Mona and Larry
-scene opens up in New York City at night
the turtles are fighting the Kraang in a local warehouse who built a nuclear mutagen generator that they are planning to use to spread modified mutagen across New York.
The turtles are backed into a corner where Rilly (Whose in a hooded cloak) saves them.
The turtles slightly confused after a minute not knowing who it is. Decided to act first and ask questions later.
The battle ensues until the Kraang either retreat or are all destroyed. Donnie disarms the generator with only seconds left.
The turtles walk to Rilly while she was pulling her sai from the Kraang droid
The turtles ask who she is. Raphael noticed she uses sai asks abruptly who she is.
She flips the hood of her cloak saying "Hello father" as the turtles are taken aback by her statement.
The scene returns to them talking to each other.
Rilly explains she is from the future. The daughter of Raphael and Mona Lisa [ygythba]
She explains that shredd
:iconthe-tessen-kunoichi:The-tessen-kunoichi 3 0
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~ TMNT Halloween Contest Now Over!~

:iconsaysplz: Sup shellheads, Raph here, In a journal my bro Mikey ask if we shou do a Halloween contest here and some of you voted yes. So we decided to actually do one. I'm going to explain the themes and what's allowed and what's not allowed.
Now of course the theme is Halloween base so obviously you shellbrains are going to draw simple Halloween stuff. Though let's add a little twist in things. Lets make things Dark. I mean all this old or kiddie Halloween crap is super boring so why not make thing dark like very dark.
Here's what you gotta do, you can still do other Halloween things like drawing or writing us in different costumes or going trick or threating and such but what I really want you peeps to draw or write is some dark creepy Halloween themes for example, Shredder's having our heads on sticks in front of his lair or, demons dragging us down. You know super dark creepy stuff. Something that will make your skin crawl
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Good Times
          Screenshot 20160728-123258 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123430 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123302 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123306 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123318 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123321 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123348 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123358 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123402 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123406 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123413 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123417 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123421 by Ry-Spirit  Screenshot 20160728-123427 by Ry-Spirit Screenshot 20160728-123435 by Ry-Spirit
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Last episode of space arc review

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 24, 2016, 3:43 AM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

*spoilers ahead*

ok, first I'd like to admit that I totally called the ending. To me this show is very predictable especially now since I see a pattern. 

Anyway, the episode was good, but to me not the best. It was extremely confusing, but I think I can probably explain the time travel doubles. Fugitoid stated that they were 5 minutes before the generator activated. And now they have doubles. So my theory is when fugitoid two arrived, he took the past turtles with him into space. The exact time the past turtles met with the time fugitoid one pushed the time jump button, the past turtles and fugitoid 2 would disappear/fade since both are now at the exact time the space arc started. I know it's a far theory, but it's the most logical I can come up with.

i mean since now the generator is gone, what purpose would the fugitoid 2 have in sending the past turtles into space? 

My my other concern, since fugitoid sacrificed himself to not only destroy the generator, but the triceratons mother fleet...wouldn't Zeno be destroyed with it? I actually liked him. 

But it otherwise then that, once you guys watch the episode let me know what you think? 


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April O'Neil
United States
This is April ONeil. Dont be messin with the te


I am a young sixteen year old girl living among the streets of Manhattan in New York City. I currently am a senior at Roosevelt High School (Go Vikings). My favorite foods are pizza and pizza giozza. I love hanging with my friends (the turtles), reading blogs, and learning ninjitsu. I am now a full fledged kunoichi. My closest friend is Casey Jones who is an outlawish flunking jock, but has massive incredible hockey skills. My current ninjitsu weapon I am using is the tessen along with a dragon tanto, which is very dangerous, so don't cross me. I currently live with my aunt, who is hardly around because she is busy with work, and often times in the sewers, (it's smelly, but I'm used to it). Anyway, I heard bout this place from Irma, who now was Kraang Subprime (bleh), so thought I'd check it out and see some awesome artwork and post some of my own.


Married to Donatello



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PurpleShinobi Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016
Donatello slowly approached the red-headed kunoichi, his arms were snapped tight around his back as he stood tall, very stiff and very nervous -  like he usually was around April, but it seemed he was hiding something behind his back...

"Uhh, Ay- April... Er Hello!"

Donnie cracked his goofiest gap toothed smile, raising his eyebrows as his chocolate pools gazed down into those electric blue eyes April held.
The-tessen-kunoichi Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016
-April was reading a novel. She seemed enticed by the storyline she hardly paid any mind to her surroundings until she heard a familiar voice. Closing her book after bending the top of the page to mark her place, she turned to face her best friend, the purple masked terrapin, Donatello. She spoke in a moderate tone, a little curious why his hands were positioned behind him.- 

"What's up Donnie?" 

-she placed her novel underneath we her left arm securing it, before brushing her red bangs from the front of her face with her other.- 
PurpleShinobi Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016
Once Donnie gained April's full attention he seemed to stiffen his posture just a little more.
He swallowed a lump in his throat and once the two had made eye contact he couldn't help but to stare, and when she spoke it took him a few seconds to click back into reality.

. . .

"Eh... Oh! Heheh, Nothing really I um, well I just got back from scavenging for some parts I could use for upcoming inventions... and as I was heading home I came across a lovely little garden with dozens of flowers so uh..."

Donnie slowly slid his right arm out, his hand was filled with a bunch of long stems connected to a variety of beautiful flowers, a few lilies, a tulip or two, a few roses and lilacs, there were a few different colors in the mix but what stood out most was one single lily in the middle which as a bright yellow. All were wrapped together kindly with a thick purple ribbon tied in a lovely bow.

The Purple Shinobi smiled a little more, showing his gapped tooth as he held the bouquet closer to her, a bit more nervousness hinting in his stiff arm.
The-tessen-kunoichi Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016
-The lovely bouquet Donatello held in front of her was just awe inspiring. The mixture of different flowers made it appear to have come from a fairy tale scene. The sweet aroma of the floral consumed her senses. Oh such a lovely smell it was. Her main focus was that of the bright yellow lily in the middle. Her favorite color. It really completed the lovely group of flowers. She lost track of herself at the beauty of it all. The novel clenched tightly under her arms fell to the floor as she felt joy with the gift Donatello brought to her from his trip. Finally, she composed herself speaking sweetly-

"Oh...Ohh Donnie, they are lovely. I just...oh my.."

-The red headed kunoichi wasn't sure what to say next. She was so taken back from the wonderful surprise that it rendered her practically speechless. She sweetly reached out to take the bouquet from the terrapin, her hands gently touched the back of his in appreciation. She blinked her eyes sweetly returning her glance to Donatello as a small smile crossed her face regaining herself once more.-

"Thank you, Donnie. They are lovely. You have been such a great friend to me. I don't know where I'd be without you."

-she closed her eyes taking in another smell of the bouquet. It reminded her how much she really cared for Donnie, and how grateful she was to have him in her life. She wouldn't trade their friendship for anything or anyone.  
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Tmntcomicconluv1995 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
What's up beautiful ^_^
The-tessen-kunoichi Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
nothing much love how you been?
Tmntcomicconluv1995 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
Nothing much
The-tessen-kunoichi Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2016
I miss you lauren
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Triplet99c Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016
Hello, I believe I ordered a commission from you a few months ago. Just wondering, are you still working on it?
The-tessen-kunoichi Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016
I'm so sorry triplet...I've been so busy lately I haven't even had time. Plus the original app I was using kept deleting my sketch every time I shut off my pad. I am currently using this one and trying it out. So far it works better and I don't lose my stuff. (Like literally I just downloaded it yesterday). So as of right now all stuff is on hold. I need to get used to this app before I do any commissions or requests. 

So so I apologize for the delay. Plus my boss is riding my tail since I'm the only one at work who gets things done, and gets them done right. So, I'm constantly working and it's driving me nuts. So I can't really do much when I get home cause I am so tired. But if you found another person to do your commission, that's ok just let me know.
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